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Your best offers on multiple new and used vehicles LIVE!

  Your best offers on multiple new and used vehicles LIVE!  
How It Works

How AutoJudo works – details

Register – It’s free to register with AutoJudo but you must do so in order to start an AutoJudo Fight.   We require the following information from you: full name, email, zip code and cell phone number.  We authenticate you via text message but charge you nothing for it – only your normal texting fees apply.  

Choose your vehicles – Search AutoJudo for up to eight (8) vehicles you’d like to buy right now and add them to your Fight Ring. While you don’t have to include eight you must have a minimum of two.  You can put any vehicles you find on AutoJudo into your Fight Ring – new, certified or used.  

Challenge dealers to Fight – Once you have at least two (2) vehicles in your AutoJudo Fight Ring, the “Start Fight” buttons become accessible.  By clicking either of these buttons you initiate the process to start your Fight.  This includes inputting or confirming your cell phone number and requesting, receiving and inputting the Fight Activation Code we send you via text.  The 15-minute Challenge Clock appears and begins counting down.  During this time dealers opt-in to your Fight by “Accepting” your Challenge.  

Your AutoJudo Fight – When the Challenge Clock reaches zero it resets to 30-minutes, becomes your Fight Clock and your Fight officially begins.  As the Fight Clock counts down dealers adjust their prices and increase the overall value of the deals they’re offering.  It’s not just about price.  Dealers might offer oil changes, discounted service contracts or accessories etc.  Each dealer sees what the other is offering but you remain anonymous until you choose the winner at the end of your Fight.  

Pick your Winner – When your Fight Clock reaches zero your Fight is officially over and it’s time to pick your Winner.  Select the offer you feel is best to have your Winning Deal Sheet emailed to you.  

Connect with the Dealer – With AutoJudo you are never obligated to buy.  But we suggest you connect with your Winning Dealer right away for two primary reasons:
     1. Dealers just revealed their best offers to you, so they’re motivated to sell.
     2. Dealers are not holding the car for you, so someone else might get your deal.

Your Fight is over!

Please go to your
Fight Ring and select
your Winner.
Go to Fight Ring

Sorry, but your Fight was cancelled due to lack of Dealer participation.  This is a very rare occurrence, please try again and be sure to include eight (8) vehicles in your Fight.  Contact us if trouble persists.
Monday thru Friday
from 9AM to 7PM PST

Saturday & Sunday
from 10AM to 5PM PST