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Your best offers on multiple new and used vehicles LIVE!

  Your best offers on multiple new and used vehicles LIVE!  

Glossary of AutoJudo Terms

AutoJudo Fight – The patent pending process of real-time user assisted negotiations exclusively available on AutoJudo’s website.  Prospective buyers register with AutoJudo, find multiple vehicles they’re interested in buying and add them to their Fight Ring.  They start their AutoJudo Fight, watch dealers opt-in and present their best offers live.  Buyers remain anonymous throughout the Fight while dealers can see what each other is offering.  When the Fight is over the buyer selects whichever offer they feel is best and AutoJudo emails Fight details and contact information to both the buyer and the Winning Dealer.  

AutoJudo Fight Number – The unique number that AutoJudo assigns to every Fight.  

Challenge Clock – The Challenge Clock is the clock that appears as soon as an AutoJudo Fight is initiated.  During the Challenge Phase dealers opt-in to your Fight.  

Challenge Phase – The initial phase of the AutoJudo Fight whereas prospective buyers invite dealers to get in the Ring and Fight for their business.  

Favorites Queue – Area of AutoJudo whereas buyers can place vehicles for further comparison and review.  

Fight Activation Code – The code that AutoJudo sends to prospective buyers via text message, used to initiate a Fight.  

Fight Clock – The Fight Clock appears immediately at the end of the Challenge Clock.  As the Fight Clock counts down dealers present their best offers to prospective buyers.  

Fighting Hours – Fighting Hours are based on time zone and may vary.  Fighting Hours mirror dealers’ hours of operation nationwide.  Fights can be initiated outside of Fighting Hours but the Challenge Clock will not start until the opening of the following day’s Fighting Hours.  

Fight Ring – Area of AutoJudo where their Fights take place.  Prospective buyers uniquely create each Fight Ring by adding vehicles they find on AutoJudo.  

Winning Deal Sheet – Email documentation that lists the details of your AutoJudo Fight.  It includes the Fight opening and closing prices, special offer details and the contact information for who to specifically ask for at the dealership you selected as your Fight’s Winner.  

Your Fight is over!

Please go to your
Fight Ring and select
your Winner.
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Sorry, but your Fight was cancelled due to lack of Dealer participation.  This is a very rare occurrence, please try again and be sure to include eight (8) vehicles in your Fight.  Contact us if trouble persists.
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